2022 Germania Mint silver coins

2022 Germania Mint silver coins

2022 Germania

1 oz BU Silver Coin

1 oz Proof Silver Coin

2 oz BU Silver Coin


With precious metals rising in prices and demand, Germania silver coins have become highly desirable and for good reasons. With the value of silver coins on the rise along with silver rounds, you can start your collection with Germania silver coins from the Germania Mint. The Germania 2022 1 oz and 2 oz coins are guaranteed thanks to a certificate of authenticity. Both are striking in terms of their unique design and content of silver which makes them quite desirable for coin collectors. You can purchase Germania silver coins in 1 oz silver bullion which includes a certificate of authenticity. A 1 oz proof silver coin that comes in a blister pack. Or you can purchase a 2 oz silver coin that also comes in a blister pack. Coins Boutique is the official distributor of Germania Mint on US market. You can buy silver online from Coins Boutique which includes silver rounds and high demand silver coins. Start your shopping today by visiting the Coins Boutique online. What are Germania Silver Coins? Featured on the coins is Germania, who is striding from the sea and onto the shoreline. She has reached land and with sword in hand is ready to face new challenges. On the front of the coin, Germania is depicted in a dress with armor and is heading ashore. Holding both a shield and the sword Reichsschewert, Germania also sports a laurel wreath upon her brow. Accompanied by a double-headed eagle, she creates a most impressive figure striding onto undiscovered lands. The back of the coin depicts the Germania Mint coat of arms which also has a two-headed eagle. The eagle is holding lightning bolts that are surrounded by olive branches. The eagle is associated with the myth of Janus, the god of all beginnings, a protector of bridges and gates, and the patron of all alliances. The heads look both backward and forward to depict the past and future respectively. One- & Two-Ounce Silver BU Coins You can purchase either the 1 oz or 2 oz Germania silver coins. The coins are quite similar with just a few differences. • 1 oz: 5 Mark • 2 oz: 10 Mark • Diameter: 1 oz 38.61mm • Diameter: 2 oz 50mm Both coins come with a certificate of authenticity. But the 2 oz versions are packaged in a blister pack while the 1 oz versions are in a capsule. Both coins are 999.9% pure silver, making them more than just a collector’s item. And both coins have the Germania Mint mark, denoting their authenticity. This makes both coins exceptional collector’s items to be treasured for a long time. You can buy silver online from Coins Boutique, the official distributor of Germania Mint on US market. The Germania mint produces high demand silver coins, so be sure that you purchase your Germania silver coins soon. The values of silver coins tend to change depending on market conditions. The Coins Boutique is your one-stop-shop for the best in silver coins and silver rounds, so start your shopping today.

Germania Mint

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