2023 Germania ANA show special edition coins

2023 Germania ANA show special edition coins

The Germania Mint has produced many remarkable silver coins, but few match the beauty of the ennobled 2 oz and 10 coins. This valuable silver is available at reduced prices so you can build your collection. Coins Boutique lets you purchase 9999 pure silver coins in luxury packaging and free shipping. Buying silver online has never been easier thanks to Coins Boutique. Coins Boutique is an authorized distributor for the Germania Mint. Allowing those who want to invest in silver the means to purchase silver bullion, silver rounds, and stackable silver. As featured at the ANA World Money Fair, this valuable silver lets you buy with confidence the gift coins that becomes part of your collection. 2023 Germania 2 oz Silver BU ANA Edition Coins The spirit of Germania is alive and well as featured in these two remarkable coins that come in original and ennobled versions. Artwork What makes both coins stand out is the remarkable artwork depicting they myth of Germania, the heroine of the German people and flagship of this new series by the Germania Mint. As shown in both coins, Germania continues her journey for the new year. And starts her adventure on the mainland. The land itself is unexplored and open to discovery. Filled with lush vegetation and mysterious signs, such as the magical ruins cut into the rock, Germania strides through the new land which is filled with wonder. The ruins carry prophecies that provide meaning and wonder for the year. Front The front of the coin depicts Germania and her sword, Reichsschwert, which will soon be plunged into the ground. Signifying the completion of its journey. The 10 mark version shows Germania ready to pull the sword from its scabbard while the 50 mark version depicts the sword having been pulled. Germania strides forward with an eagle to her side and across the landscape. A rock with runic writing is in front of her while the double-eagle crest sits behind her. The face of the coin also denotes “2 oz Ag 999.9” and “Germania 2023” across the top. Back The back of the coin depicts the coat of arms of the Germania Mint, a double-headed eagle holding bolts of lighting and surrounded by olive branches, a traditional image. The eagle comes from Germanic mythology which is associated with Janus. Janus is the god of all beginnings, the guardian of bridges and gates, as well as being the patron of alliances. The heads of the eagle depict both the past and the future, which again is associated with the god Janus.

10 Mark Version Specifications: 

 Year: 2023  Quality: BU

Denomination: 10 Mark

Metal Content: 2 oz

Purity: 999.9 Ag

Diameter: 50 mm

Mintage: 999 pcs

Luxury Packaging: Capsule, Blisterpack, & Certificate of Authenticity

50 Mark Version The main differences as featured in this coin starts with its denomination at 50 marks rather than 10 marks. The size of the 50 mark version is slightly larger in diameter. And the artwork as Germania is holding her sword in a different position. Although seemingly slight, the difference is striking enough to make it a coin worth adding to your collection and completing the set.


Year: 2023

Quality: BU

Denomination: 50 Mark

Purity: 999.9 Ag

Metal Content: 10 oz

Diameter: 70 mm

Mintage: 333 pcs

Luxury Packaging: Capsule, Blisterpack, & Certificate of Authenticity

You can purchase the coins in their original versions, or you can choose the ennobled versions which are highly recommended. What does Ennobled Mean? In general terms, ennobled means “to elevate in degree or excellence”. The term is often used for those who become elevated in status, such as become a knight or similar higher level in society. In terms of coins, it means to increase the appreciation by adding more value and boosting its aesthetic qualities. Both coins have been ennobled using the following products. - Yellow Gold - Ruthenium - Palladium - Numbering The effect is one that highlights the inherent beauty and appeal of the coin both in visual and quality terms. The addition of yellow gold, ruthenium, and palladium boosts the overall effect of the coin designing, bringing out artistic qualities. Plus, adding a touch of class and sophistication to each coin which boosts its visual appeal. Packaging The luxury packaging starts with the lenticular capsule which provides a clear view of the front and back of the coin. In addition to the capsule, a Certificate of Authenticity is included which assures the buyer of the originality of the coin. Plus, all the required information guarantees authenticity so you can purchase with confidence. The entire set is encompassed in a blisterpack, which is elegant and practical. A vital part of the collector’s set, the overall packaging, is designed not only to protect the coins but enhance their presentation as well. ‘ Invest in Silver For those who want to purchase valuable silver, especially silver coins, the new Germania set presents a powerful opportunity. The coins offer insight into Germanic mythology, depicting the heroine of the German people striding into new lands. The ennobled versions enhance the depiction of the artwork using valuable metals in addition to the pure silver that makes up the coins. What makes silver coins such a valuable investment is not only their inherent value thanks to the 9999 pure silver content, but also their value as collectable coins. A feature that makes their value timeless and desired by collectors around the world. Coins Boutique is an authorized distributor of silver coins from the celebrated Germania Mint. For those wishing to invest in silver, the silver rounds and silver bullion allow you to buy with confidence. The gift coins are 9999 pure silver, feature luxury packaging, and free shipping that makes buying silver online easy and affordable. You can purchase valuable silver from Coins Boutique, which include these remarkable coins as recognized at the ANA world money fair. Shop today and boost your portfolio with these stackable silver coins.

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