2023 Germania Mint Coins

The Germania silver coin 2023 comes in not one, but three different versions. A perfect time to invest in silver precious metal coins, the three that are now available offer considerable silver value and proof finish. And while similar in some regards, there are differences that you should know about. The coins include the Germania 1 oz silver BU or “brilliant uncirculated”, the Germania 1 oz silver proof, and the Germania 2 oz silver proof. For those who invest in precious metal coins or in silver, this is a great opportunity to expand your portfolio. Keep in mind that in the US, Coins Boutique is a authorized distributor of the Germania Mint. Design The three coins all share the same basic design with Germania, the heroine of the series, searching the unexplored lands on the mainland. She carries he imperial sword Reichsschwert which is to be plunged into the ground. She is accompanied by Janus, an eagle who symbolizes the past and future and derived from German mythology as well. Each coin has its own pose for Germania and Janus who flies along beside her. Both are surrounded by the countryside, the rocks, trees, and grass that will become home for Germania and her people. Product Specifications The following is the product specifications for the Germania 1 oz silver BU. The differences between all three coins will follow this product specification.

Year: 2023

Grade: BU

Mint Mark: Germania Mint  

Diameter: 38.61mm  

Mintage 25,000

Purity: 999.9 Ag

Denomination: 5 Mark

The front features Germania walking with her sword sheathed and shield on the ground as Janus flies next to her. The back features the double-headed eagle holding lighting bolts in its claws and surrounded by olive branches. The term “5 Mark” denotes the top while “Germania” denotes the bottom of the coin. The 2 oz silver BU differs from the 1 oz BU by having a 10 mark denomination, having 2 ounces of silver, and a mintage of 2,500 pics. The pose of Germania shows her ready to draw the sword from its scabbard as Janus is ready to come to rest atop a boulder. The Germania 1 oz silver proof differs from the 1 oz BU version in terms of its grade and mintage of 1,000 pcs. It also features Germania ready to plunge her sword into the ground as Janus views her from a nearby boulder. For the collector to invest in silver precious metal coins, it’s not just about the silver value. There are several factors to consider that includes coins with proof finish, those with BU, and deciding on silver bullions and more. The Germania silver coin 2023 collection is one that sports remarkably beautiful designs that reflect the German mythology combined with the artistry and beauty of the coins themselves. Whether you choose the 1 oz BU, the 2 oz BU, the 1 oz proof finish or all three, you can rest assured of their overall quality and authenticity when you purchase from Coins Boutique, a distributor of the Germania Mint in the US.

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