Star Wars 5 oz Silver Proof Four-Coin Collection

Star Wars 5 oz Silver Proof Four-Coin Collection

With Star Wars more popular than ever, the Royal Mint is proud to offer four coins that celebrate this unique part of the pop culture universe. The Star Wars 2023 UK 5 oz Silver Proof Four-Coin Collection. Available from Coins Boutique, these coins celebrate Lucas Film along with the Disney expansion of the Star Wars universe. For those who invest in silver, buy silver coins from trusted source, or just love Star Wars, this is a valuable investment in proof finish coins. For those who love Star Wars and those who invest in silver, this collection of four Star Wars coins represents a unique opportunity. As the franchise grows in popularity among new generations, the value of the coins in terms of their real and sentiment from fans will most likely grow as well. Coin Specs All coins in the collection have the same size and specifications.         

Maximum Coin Mintage: 360       

Diameter: 65 mm        

Weight: 156.30 grams         

Quality: Proof         

Pure Metal Type: Silver         

Edge: Milled         

Year 2023

The reverse design is by Lucas Films or Lucasfilm Ltd, while the front design is by Martin Jennings. The front of each coin features the profile of King Charles III, the new king of England. With the text around the profile reading, “Charles III DG Rex FD 10 Pounds 2023 or 2024” depending on when the coin is officially available. The back of each coin features the famous “Star Wars” logo at the bottom along with a representation of the Death Star at the top.

C3PO & RD-D2

This coin featuring the two lovable robots from the Star Wars series is the first one to become available. This is natural since C3PO and R2-D2 were the first characters introduced in “Star Wars: A New Hope”, the film that launched the franchise. The hapless duo who continually finds themselves in trouble are featured aboard the Millenium Falcon, as seen in the original Star Wars film. C3PO occupies the right foreground looking at us while R2-D2 is in the left background looking at C3PO. The details shown on the coin are simply amazing with the controls and textures of each robot vividly displayed. Even the background that features one of the hallways of the Millennium Falcon is done in surprising detail, including the pads that line the circumference of the hallway which leads to the bridge. This coin is available today and can be obtained from Coins Boutique. There are three other coins in the Star Wars collection that will become available later in 2023 or in early 2024 which include the following.

Darth Vader & Emperor Palpatine

You can feel the power of the Sith in this remarkable representation of Darth Vader in the right foreground, holding his famous lightsaber at the ready. You can see the details of his breathing device located on his chest. Plus, the mask is wonderfully depicted to showcase the almost skull-like appearance of Vader. In the left background is Emperor Palpatine, the mastermind behind the overthrow of the Old Republic and the establishment of the Empire. Palpatine is in his familiar robes complete with cowl that nearly covers his face. The flowing design captures the evil and bad intentions of the emperor in true Star Wars fashion. Both figures are featured in the main chamber of the new Death Star that was in “Return of the Jedi”. The large, gear-like window in the background reminds fans of the coming confrontation between Darth and his son, Luke.

Luke Skywalker & Leia Organa

Standing in the left foreground, Luke Skywalker wields his father’s lightsaber while protecting his sister Leia who stands in the right background. The details on Luke from his feathered hair parted down the middle, a hairstyle quite common in the 1970s, to his belt, robe, and lightsaber are quite powerful. Perhaps even more impressive are the details on Leia and her unique hairstyle, the classic “buns-on-the-ears” whose origins come from Chinese culture. Her clothing is simple, but well reproduced including the many folds that stretch along the torso and arms. She stands looking at Luke in a stern way that was common for her character during the first Star Wars movie. They both stand in the corridors of the original Death Star, its features beautifully reproduced on the coin.

Han Solo & Chewbacca

Standing in front his beloved Millennium Falcon is Han Solo in the right background, looking defiant in his classic jacket, belt, and blaster on his hip. Even the details of Han’s hair are matched to his first appearance in the original Star Wars film. Han is at the ready in a classic, almost Western-like pose. At his side is his faithful companion Chewbacca who towers over Han on the left foreground. The details of his fur are matched by his belt slung over his left shoulder. Chewie is also standing at the ready as both men are ready to face new challenges. Why Choose Collectable Silver Coins? There are good reasons why collecting silver coins makes for a wise investment strategy. For those who invest in silver, the coins provide additional value. Not only for their currency, but also because of their artistry and collectability. In many cases, the collectable nature of the coins surpasses their inherent value in terms of the silver contents. But even if the coins do not become collectible items, the silver itself provides real value that may grow over time. Investing in precious metals is always smart and being coins makes them even more valuable. For Star Wars fans, the silver coins represent a meaningful way to appreciate this remarkable cultural phenomenon that has stretched for over 45 years. Created by Lucas Film and currently owned by Disney, the Star Wars universe continues to create new fans thanks to their movies and streaming series. Coins Boutique, in cooperation with the Royal Mint, is proud to offer proof finish coins featuring the most famous characters from Star Wars. For those who buy silver coins from trusted source, invest in silver, and love Star Wars, the Star Wars 2023 UK 5 oz Silver Proof Four-Coin Collection is waiting for you.  

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