Year of The Dragon 1 oz silver coin 2024

Year of The Dragon 1 oz silver coin 2024

You can celebrate the Year of the Dragon with the 1 oz silver coin Vanuatu 2024. This 24k gold gilded coin comes with Asian style packaging, proof like finish, and includes a freshwater pearl red. From your Coins Boutique trusted seller, you can invest in silver and add to your collectable coins with this highly desired item. Purchasing collectable coins, whether as a hobby or for those who like to invest in silver, represents a valuable opportunity. Whether it is for those who enjoy perfect gifts or an investment in the future, obtaining such a coin has many upsides. Description The front of the coin sports a Chinese dragon writhing across the face. The dragon clutches an actual freshwater pearl which is the pearl of wisdom in Chinese culture. The dragon is overlaid onto a unique design pattern. Plus, “Year of the Dragon” is stamped across the top with “2024” across the bottom of the face. The back of the coin includes the different symbols used in Chinese culture to denote the years. The animals encircle the symbol of Vanuatu along with the words “20 Vatu”, which depicts its face value, and “Vanuatu”, “Blong”, and “Ripablik”. This is a real coin released by the island nation of Vanuatu. The island is located in the South Pacific and is noted for the release of several highly valuable coins. Specs The specifications for the Year of the Dragon 1 oz silver coin Vanuatu 2024 include the following.

Weight: 1 oz

Size: 40 mm  

Mintage: 4888

Metal: Ag .999 Silver

Face Value: 20 Vatu

Quality: Proof Like

Country of Origin: Vanuatu

The coin includes a freshwater pearl red insert, 24k gilded gold finish, and proof like quality. The result is a highly valuable coin that is unique, beautiful, and quite desirable for those with collectable coins or people who like to invest in silver. Why Choose the Year of the Dragon 1 oz Silver Coin? There are good reasons to consider purchasing this remarkable coin. From its intricate design to its silver content and more, you should be fully aware of what the coin offers so you can make the best-informed decision.

1 oz of silver

Unique Design

Includes Freshwater Pearl

24K Gilded

Less than 5,000 made For coin collectors or those who invest in silver, there are good reasons why this is a great coin to purchase. Part of a limited collection, the remarkable design and timely nature of the Year of the Dragon theme makes this one of the perfect gifts for those who love coins.

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