Red Panda 1 oz silver coin black proof Cook Islands 2017

Red Panda 1 oz silver coin black proof Cook Islands 2017

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Comely night animals, starting with the imperiled Red Panda are now issued on a pristine silver 1 oz coin with an astronomically immense 55mm.

Beautiful night creatures, beginning with the jeopardized Red Panda are currently given on an unadulterated silver 1oz coin with a huge 55mm. Smart minting makes this conceivable and the help is staggering. Dark PROOF reproduces the night and the night stars between the emblem give it an incredible touch. Only 499 pieces will be delivered.
The red panda , additionally called the lesser panda, the red bear-feline, and the red feline bear, is a warm blooded creature local toward the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. It has rosy earthy colored hide, a long, shaggy tail, and a waddling step because of its shorter front legs; it is somewhat bigger than a residential feline. It is arboreal, takes care of basically on bamboo, yet in addition eats eggs, winged creatures, and creepy crawlies. It is a lone creature, for the most part dynamic from nightfall to first light, and is to a great extent inactive during the day.

Country: Cook Islands

Year: 2017

Face value: 5 Dollars

Metal: Silver

Fineness: 999

Weight: 1 oz

Diameter: 55 mm

Quality: Black Proof

Mintage: 499 pcs

COA: Yes

Box: Yes

Just 499 pieces will be relinquished. Unique color printing technique has been used.

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