2021 Ladybug Mechanical 3 oz silver coin Mongolia

2021 Ladybug Mechanical 3 oz silver coin Mongolia

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Mechanical Ladybug Clockwork Evolution 3 oz ultra high relief silver coin black proof Mongolia 2021.

Featuring evolved animals with both organic and mechanical features, this stunning 3 oz silver piece is the second issue in the Clockwork Evolution series, which also includes a 3 oz gold coin. Mechanical Ladybug is featured in this issue.
The coin is made using a unique multi-layer technology and is vibrantly colored.
It's another another visually arresting design that has been thoroughly smart-minted and features precisely defined high-resolution images with vibrant color.
The back of the coin portrays a Ladybug that is composed of both natural and mechanical pieces. His extended wings are a vibrant crimson and true to nature, yet his head and inner body are made up of gears, pistons, and other mechanical components.
The ladybug looks to be resting on a flower, which has both organic and mechanical components, as well as organic and mechanical components. The year of publication is indicated on the right: 2021.
The face of the coin features a complex clock mechanism with many elements in High Reliefs, while the reverse depicts a lion.
This coin bears the Mongolian coat of arms and the inscriptions: 2000 TOGROG – the face value; MONGOLIA – the country from which it was issued

Country: Mongolia
Year: 2021
Face value: 2000 Togrog
Metal: Silver .999
Weight: 3 oz
Size: 45 mm
Quality: Black Proof
Mintage: 999
Coa: Yes
Box: Yes

Your coin will be delivered in a gorgeous case, along with a Certificate of Authenticity for your records. The coin has a limited mintage of only 999 pieces worldwide.

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