2021 Theseus and Minotaur 3 oz silver coin Palau

2021 Theseus and Minotaur 3 oz silver coin Palau

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Theseus and Minotaur The Evil Within 3 oz ultra high relief,silver coin antiqued Palau 2021.

The "Evil Within" series has a new issue, and it's this beautiful 3 Oz Silver Coin. The story of Theseus and the Minotaur, one of the most exciting in all of Greek mythology, served as inspiration for the coin's design. Theseus and the Minotaur can be seen in the mythical labyrinth on the back. Theseus is armed with a torch, and the Minotaur has what looks like a dagger for defense. Ultra-High Relief is used to represent the labyrinth, with the relief gradually decreasing as it approaches the coin's center. The Palau coat of arms with the words "REPUBLIC OF PALAU" (the issuing country) and "20$" (the face value) can be found on the coin's obverse. The coin's rim features a labyrinth-like arrangement of lines, rendered in complex High Relief. The name of the coin, "THESEUS While THE MINOTAUR," appears at the top of the obverse, and the year of mintage, "2021," appears at the bottom. The coin boasts an eye-catching design, Antique Finish quality, and Smart minting Ultra High Relief on both sides.

Country: Palau
Year: 2021
Face value: 20 Dollars
Metal: Silver
Fineness: 999
Weight: 3 oz
Diameter: 55 mm
Quality: Antique-finish
Mintage: 666 pcs

The coin and COA are housed in a customized presentation case. There were just 666 of these coins minted for all of history.

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