2022 Ancient Greece three gold coin set CI

2022 Ancient Greece three gold coin set CI

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Ancient Greece three silk finished gold coin set Cook Islands 2022.

Ancient Greece Cook Islands set of three gold coins.
Alexander the Great gold coin worth half a gram.
Alexander the Great, also called Alexander III or Alexander of Macedonia, is thought to be one of the best generals in history by most people. He was very flexible in how he used different arms and how he changed his strategy to beat his opponents.
Alexander's short rule was a turning point in both European and Asian history. Because of his expeditions and personal interest in science, geography and natural history have learned a lot more than they did before.
Half-gram gold coin of Ptolemy I
Ptolemaois I was a Macedonian general and a friend of Alexander the Great. He was also called "King of Egypt." In addition to what he did on the battlefield, he gave Egypt coins and built the famous library in Alexandria.
Philip II of Macedonia gold coin worth half a gram
Philip II of Macedon was born in 382 BC and was King from 359 BC to 336 BC. Philipp II of Macedon made his country peaceful again, and by 339, he ruled all of Greece. After the king was killed, his son Alexander III took over.
Alexander III became known as Alexander the Great later on.
Ancient Greece three coin set comes with a certificate of authenticity for each coin.

Country:Cook Islands 2022
Metal: Gold .9999
Weight: 0.5 gr. x 3
Size: 11 mm
Quality: Silk finish
Mintage: 15000
COA: Yes

All three coins have outstandin silk finish.

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