2022 Arminius Warriors 2 oz silver round Germania

2022 Arminius Warriors 2 oz silver round Germania

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Arminius Warriors 2 oz ultra high relief silver round antiqued Germania 20222.

The Germania Mint's Arminius round is their third installment in their Warriors series. In addition to the purity, weight, and fictitious denomination, the reverse also depicts a double-headed eagle, a sword with Gold plated accents, and Celtic designs.
MARK 2022 GERMANY 10 On the reverse, Arminius is shown spearing an opposing army from the front. In the background, we may recognize the same Germanic village seen in the series' pilot.
In Arminius's case, the chief was the chief of the Germanic Cherusci tribe. Captured as a captive, he was nurtured and educated in the Roman military tradition and became a renowned fighter.
Going against the grain of society's teachings, he rallied the Germanic tribes to revolt against their Roman occupiers utilizing his military expertise and insight into Roman strategy.
No one knows for sure what inspired Arminius to launch the liberation war. However, it is safe to suppose that while being trained to serve the Roman Empire, he always remembered where he came from and secretly yearned for the independence of the people to whom he was kin.
Arminius' victory at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest was a watershed moment that is still felt today. This withdrawal from conquered territory may have been the first step toward the end of the Roman Empire's aggressive territorial expansion.

Country: Germania 2022
Face Value: 10 marks
Metal: Silver
Fineness : Ag.9999
Weight : 2 oz
Diameter : 45 mm
Quality: Antiqued
Mintage: 999
COA: Yes
BOX: Yes

Ultra High Relief, Certificate of Authenticity and wooden box.

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