2022 Coloreyezed 1 oz silver coin Palau

2022 Coloreyezed 1 oz silver coin Palau

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Coloreyezed 1 oz proof silver coin Palau 2022.

Coloreyezed 1 ounce silver coin captures the magic and allure of a blue eye in a stunning way. Find out how the ocean blue eye comes to life thanks to a combination of sophisticated coloring and shimmering proof areas. You'll feel like you're being watched at that point. The coin's reverse features a beautiful ocean blue eye that is both realistic and detailed. There is a shield bearing the Coat of Arms of Palau on the coin's reverse side. It is the part of the eye that controls the size and amount of light that enters our eyes through the pupil and the cornea. It's the most noticeable part of the whole thing. The most common eye color variations range from the deepest browns to the palest blues. The study of iris color inheritance patterns is a major focus of research. Three basic genes determine the color of one's eyes. Two of those genes are well-understood by researchers, but one remains a mystery. Green, brown, and blue eye coloration can be influenced by the expression of these genes. Other color combinations, such as gray, hazel, and others, are more enigmatic. When it comes to eye color, some families have a well-established system for passing it down, while others don't.

Country: Palau

Year: 2022

Metal: .999 Silver

Denomination: $5

Grade: Proof

Weight: 1oz

Diameter: 38.61 MM

Mintage: 1500

COA: Yes

Box: Yes

There are only 1500 of these special 1 oz silver pieces available, so don't let your guard down.

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