2022 Fenrir Geminus 2 x 1 oz silver coin set Germania

2022 Fenrir Geminus 2 x 1 oz silver coin set Germania

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Germania Beasts Fenrir Geminus 2 x 1 oz silver coin set ennobled Germania 2022.

The Fenrir Geminus 2 x 1 oz Silver BU is the next iteration of Germania Beasts' set of two honored coins. When placed side by side, the obverse and reverse together form an integral image of another character from Germania Mint's illustrious series. Fenrir, the world-ending wolf whose jaws touched both the ground and the sky, was a harbinger of the end of the divine order. The coin's obverse features an image of the legendary beast's head and upper body. On its reverse is the trademark double-headed eagle of the Germania Mint, along with a depiction of the coin's body. As with the Fafnir, the Fafnir-inspired double coin from our bestiary is alternately adorned with gold, ruthenium, and silver. The coins are marked with an A and B, and only 500 sets have been minted. Both coins are ennobled with 24K gold and Ruthenium. Fenrir's premium packaging features a metallic sheen and distinctive 3D embossing for added sparkle. An innovative dual capsule uses the lens effect to highlight design details and provide safe storage.

Country: Germania 2022
Face Value: 5 mark
Metal: Silver
Fineness : Ag.9999
Weight : 2 x 1 oz
Diameter : 38.61 mm
Quality: BU
Mintage: 500
COA: Yes
In Blister

Ennobled with yellow gold and ruthenium, nibered certificate.

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