2022 Germania 1 oz proof silver round

2022 Germania 1 oz proof silver round

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Germania 1 oz proof silver round 2022.

2022 Germania one-ounce round made of proof silver.
The Germania Mint coat of arms, which features a two-headed eagle wielding lightning bolts and olive branches, is customarily depicted on the reverse side of the 2022 coin.
The symbol of the eagle can be traced back to Germanic mythology, where it is connected to the god Janus, who is known as the "god of beginnings," "protector of gates and bridges," and "patron of partnerships."
Both the past and the future are represented by the eagle's heads, which are turned in different directions.
Germania obverse, decked out in armor and wearing a dress that sways in the breeze from the ocean, makes her way onto the mainland with the characteristic vigor and assurance of a warrior.
She is the first person to explore the uncharted territories to which she has led her devoted people. The traditional representation of Germania is a woman wearing a wreath of laurel on her head and holding a shield and the imperial sword Reichsschwert in her hands.
Her devoted sidekick, the eagle with two heads, is always on the lookout for potential threats in the area.

Country: Germania 2022
Face Value: 5 mark
Metal: Silver
Fineness : Ag.9999
Weight : 1 oz
Diameter : 50 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 1000
COA: Yes
in Blister Pack

Your coin is delivered to you in a deluxe blister pack and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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