2022 Hildegard Valkyries 1 oz silver coin in double capsule

2022 Hildegard Valkyries 1 oz silver coin in double capsule

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Hildegard Valkyries 1 oz silver coin brilliant uncirculated in double capsule Germania 2022.

The first coin in the new Valkyries series, Hildegard. Hildegard, a Valkyrie of 2022 One troy ounce of silver Goddesses of the Germanic pantheon – gorgeous virgin warriors, daughters of Odin – have been unveiled by Bullion.
Heroes' ashes would be taken by the Valkyries to Valhalla in mythology. A depiction of Hildegard as a guardian of mankind may be found on the coin's reverse. A wooden palisade wall separates the Valkyrie's fortress from the rest of the battlefield.
Hildegard has a Germanic spear and a shield depicting the Fenrir wolf in her right hand. The rune Algiz is inscribed on the goddess's armor, and its purpose is to provide protection, openness, and support.
As depicted on the coin, Hildegard's companion is a wolf who howls to the moon from a rock in the backdrop. If you'd want to learn more about Germanic mythology, we encourage you to peruse the coin's design.
Germania Mint's double-headed eagle, as well as new Germanic runes and the sound of a howling wolf, are featured on the reverse. To ensure the safety of the townsfolk, wolves agreed to protect the settlements in exchange for a daily meal.
The entire reverse design is a shield, which includes the year of issue, metal alloy, and the 5 mark denomination in addition to the shield.

Country: Germania 2022
Face Value: 5 mark
Metal: Silver
Fineness : Ag.9999
Weight : 1 oz x 2
Diameter : 38.61 mm
Quality: BU
Mintage: 25000
COA: Yes
in double capsule

Double Capsule with Certificate of Authenticity.

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