2022 Mexican Libertad 1/4 Proof Gold Coin

2022 Mexican Libertad 1/4 Proof Gold Coin

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Mexican Libertad 1/4 Proof Gold Coin 2022.

The fields and designs of the coins in the Proof Gold Libertad Series are mirror-polished, while the obverses are frosted. The 2004 1/4 oz. Proof Gold Libertad was one of the most sought after coins of the first decade of production.
The image of Winged Victory appears on the reverse of the 2022 1/4 ounce Proof Gold Libertad Coin.
At the summit of the Mexican Independence Victory Column is a sculpture from 1910 called Winged Victory, which serves as the official emblem of the country's independence movement from Spain in the 19th century.
The coat of arms of Mexico is depicted on the obverse of 2022 Proof Mexican Gold Libertad Coins. The Mexican coat of arms features a golden eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus in left-profile relief.
The eagle is shown in this illustration using its talons and beak to fight off a serpent. Below the engraved name of the issuing country is a wreath made of oak leaves and laurel.
La Casa de Moneda de México, the oldest mint in North America, strikes the Libertads. Additionally, it serves as Mexico's official mint.

Country: Mexico
Year: 2022
Metal: Gold
Fineness : Au.999
Weight : 0.25 oz
Diameter : 23 mm
Quality: Proof
in capsule

You will receive a sealed capsule containing one 2022 1/4 oz Proof Mexican Gold Libertad Coin.

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