2022 Raven Witch Eye of Magic 2 oz silver coin CI

2022 Raven Witch Eye of Magic 2 oz silver coin CI

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Raven Witch Eye of Magic 2 oz high relief proof silver coin Cook Islands 2022.

Eye of Magic, Raven Witch The coin is a 2 troy ounce proof silver ultra high relief piece.
Witches have always been feared by the general populace because of their reputed ability to conjure healing potions and remedies from the air, the earth, and the animals.
Certainly, the stigma attached to female magicians stems from people's natural aversion to the esoteric. The sorceress' raven familiar exudes the same sort of sinister vibe as she does.
The raven is associated with death and bad luck due to its all-black appearance and its ominous croaking call.
Having the ability to communicate with others is a symbol of wisdom and prophecy, which is why a bird was given vocal chords.
The witch and the raven share the same magical eye, which can see through time and space and bridge the material and spiritual realms.
Two-ounce.999 silver proof coin featuring the Raven Witch and her magical eye. The coin was only struck in a limited quantity of 999 pieces for the entire world.
You will receive a presentation box and a Certificate of Authenticity with your coin.

Country: Cook Islands
Year: 2022
Face value: 10 Dollars
Metal: Silver
Fineness: 999
Weight: 2 oz
Diameter: 45 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 999 pcs
COA: Yes
Box: Yes

Ultra High Relief, low mintage of 999 coins worldwide.

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