2022 Scrooge McDuck 1 oz silver coin Niue

2022 Scrooge McDuck 1 oz silver coin Niue

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Scrooge McDuck 1 oz proof silver coin Niue 2022.

Silver 1 ounce Disney Scrooge McDuck 75th Anniversary Coin.
Scrooge McDuck, decked out in his finest regalia and clutching his precious cash, appears in full color on this 1 ounce silver coin. There's a full treasure chest and wads of cash behind him.
A mirrored background and frosted frame work beautifully to contrast with this. There is a 3D effect thanks to the addition of relief.
The effigy of Queen Elizabeth ll is engraved on the obverse to establish the legitimacy of the coins as legal tender. The worldwide mintage of the Scrooge McDuck 1 oz silver coin is a low 1,947 (a nod to the year of his debut).
These will be even more difficult to acquire than the toughies themselves.
Scrooge McDuck first appeared in "Christmas on Bear Mountain," a 1947 comic book story by Carl Barks, and eventually got his own series. After Ducktales, he became a main character in the movies Scrooge McDuck and Money and Mickey's Christmas Carol.
Because he is "smarter than the smarties, tougher than the toughies, and making it square," Scrooge has become the wealthiest duck in the world.
Aside from representing his thriftiness, Scrooge's wealth also represents his tenacity and hard work. Because of this, he is a stingy avaricious tightwad who is fundamentally honest, but whose pride in his wealth prevents him from seeing it.
Each keepsake comes in a limited-edition box decorated with classic quotes and images of the legendary Disney character to celebrate the occasion of the film's 75th anniversary.
The coin comes with a COA that verifies its legitimacy and a mintage number.
To commemorate 75 years since the release of "Uncle Scrooge," place your order today.

Country: Niue 2022
Face Value: 2 Dollar
Weight: 31.135 gr
Diameter: 40 mm
Thickness: 3.21
Mintage: 1947 pc.
Metal: .9999 silver/proof
COA: Yes

The worldwide mintage of the Scrooge McDuck 1 oz silver coin is a low 1,947

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