2022 Soccer Ball Spherical 3 oz silver coin SI

2022 Soccer Ball Spherical 3 oz silver coin SI

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Soccer Ball Spherical 3 oz silver coin antiqued Solomon Islands 2022.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Spherical 3 oz Silver Coin antiqued The upcoming FIFA World Cup will be the sporting event of the year. Qatar is the host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and to commemorate this remarkable event, a special 3 oz silver coin has been struck. Although coins are struck for many different events and occasions, the FIFA World Cup is one of the most anticipated of all events. Representing a sport that has garnered billions of fans around the world, this tournament is one that is more revered than simply enjoyed. Understanding the interest in the special commemorative coin starts with the appreciation of the FIFA World Cup and what it brings to the world. FIFA World Cup Known by many as simply the “World Cup”, the FIFA World Cup is considered the most widely viewed single sporting event in the world. Held every four years since its inception in 1930, with the exception of 1942 and 1946 when World War II prevented the tournament from taking place, the World Cup is watched by billions of people around the world. The World Cup involves a lengthy qualification phase which lasts nearly three years before the big tournament is held. The dedication of the teams, the devotion of the fans, and the remarkable history of the game makes it the most special and spectacular of all team sports. The host country for the 2022 World Cup, Qatar, will have five stadiums dedicated to hosting the event. The tournament itself will consist of 32 teams that have made it through the qualification process. Qatar is the first Arab country to host the World Cup, which will begin on November 21st and run through December 18th when the deciding match will take place. To commemorate this remarkable event, a coin has been struck that showcase the FIFA World Cup along with the host country. Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Coin The reverse side of the coin depicts the official FIFA Qatar trophy. While the obverse shows the country issuing the coin, the Solomon Islands along with the Queen. Her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England along with the inscriptions, “Elisabeth II”, “Solomon Islands”, “2022”, and “10 Dollars”, which is the face value of the coin. Around the coin are pentagons that contain the official FIFA World Cup emblem along with the five most important stadiums of the tournament. The coin itself sports a standard soccer ball pattern and has two different styles of antique finishes. The coin itself is .999 silver with a diameter of 70 mm. The quality antique finishes accentuate the beauty of the coin which is sure to be a collector’s item for those who love the World Cup. The coin comes in the official Qatar 2022 FIFA Classics appearance and packaging. The package itself is an acrylic box. The release date of the coin is scheduled for April of 2022. This means that the fans of the World Cup can order and receive their commemorative coins well before the tournament begins. For those who are dedicated to this remarkable sport, it represents a tangible way to celebrate the game.

Country: solomon Islands 2022
Face Value: $10.00
Mintage: 2022
Metal: 999 silver
Finish: Antique
Weight: 3 oz
Diameter: 70 mm
COA: Yes
Box: Yes

Spherical coin, antique finish, low mintage

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