2023-S Reverse proof Morgan and Peace dollar set NGCX PF10 ER

2023-S Reverse proof Morgan and Peace dollar set NGCX PF10 ER

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2023-S Reverse proof Morgan and Peace dollar coin set NGCX PF10 ER.

Reverse proof Morgan and Peace dollar two coin set NGCX PF10 Early Releases 2023-S. With NGCX, NGC has released a brand-new service. To accommodate the rising number of collectibles and enthusiasts, NGC has introduced a new 10-point grading scale. NGCX's new grading system makes it simpler for collectors with interests in other fields to branch out into coins. They ensure that the program will maintain the same high standards of accuracy, reliability, and security that have made NGC a household name since its inception in 1987. With the NGCX scale, 10 is the greatest grade. Everyone knows that after a 10, grades gradually decrease. Feel secure in your purchases by knowing that you are getting the very finest available. The Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) has examined each coin and determined that it is in excellent condition. These items are packed in authentic NGC certification slabs to ensure they arrive in mint condition. This package ships free of charge. The coin you receive may look somewhat different from the one displayed, as serial numbers are randomly assigned.

Country: United States of America San Francisco Mint
Year: 2023 S
Face Value: 1 Dollar
Metal: Silver
Fineness : Ag.999
Weight : 0.858 oz x 2
Diameter : 38.10 mm
Mintage : 250000 sets
Quality: Reverse Proof
Special Futures: S privy mark
in Authentic NGCX slab

in Authentic NGCX slab, PF70, early releases

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