2023 Temple of Heaven 5 oz silver coin CI

2023 Temple of Heaven 5 oz silver coin CI

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Beijing Temple of Heaven 5 oz ultra high silver coin antique finish Cook Islands 2023.

Cook Islands has been creating unique silver coins for some time with the Temple of Heaven being one of their most impressive efforts. The 5 oz Beijing Temple of Heaven silver coin are beautifully designed and offer collectors of silver coins a promising investment. Arguably the most impressive achievement in traditional Chinese architecture, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing is the most famous of all buildings that make up the Hall of Prayers for Good Harvest. Created on three levels of stone made from marble, the structure itself consists entirely of wood that uses no fasteners. The structure started construction in 1402 and was completed by 1420, which coincided with the completion of the Forbidden City. However, the original complex was burned to the ground in 1889 but was rebuilt a few years later and is identical to the original structure. Coin Description Both sides of each coin feature different views of the Temple of Heaven. One side shows firework dancing around the sides and top of the building while the other features a profile of the late Queen Elizabeth II on one side and a decorative design on the other. The coin was minted before Queen Elizabeth II had passed away. The $ 25 Beijing Temple of Heaven 5 oz ultra high silver coin features the inscription “Beijing – Temple of Heaven” on one side. And “Elizabeth II”, “Cook Islands” on the other side. - Silver Content: .999 - Technique: Smart Minting and Ultra High Relief - Quality: Antique Finish - Country: Cook Islands - Mintage: 888

Country: Cook Islands
Year: 2023
Face value: 25 Dollars
Metal: Silver
Fineness: 999
Weight: 5 oz
Diameter: 55 mm
Quality: Antiqued
Mintage: 888 pcs
COA: Yes
Box: Yes

Ultra High relief, large diameter 55 mm. low mintage 888 coins worldwide.

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