Cernunnos Horned God 3 oz silver coin Isle of Man 2021

Cernunnos Horned God 3 oz silver coin Isle of Man 2021

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Cernunnos Horned God 3 Ultra High Relief 1 oz silver coin antiqued Isle of Man 2021

The third edition of the spectacular Isle of Man series shows Cernunnos on the ornate Celtic cross. The pagan god is portrayed as many images of the Gallo-Roman period with human torso, stag's feet and mighty antlers. It is accompanied by a snake and holds a torque, a sacred neck ornament of Celtic gods and a symbol of the source of power and wealth. In Paganism, he is an archaic and powerful deity who is also worshiped as the "Lord of Wild Things." The wildness of Cernunnos was no longer bound up with animals and nature, but with primordial evil. Thus, the well-known image of the horned Christian devil is rumored to have its origin in Cernunnos. This impressive 3 oz Antique finish is limited to 999 pieces and is a perfect example of what is possible with enhanced smart mintingĀ® technology.

Country: Isle of Man

Year: 2021

Metal: 999 silver

Weight :3 oz

Diameter :55 mm

Quality: Antique Finish

Mintage : 999

Certificate : Yes

Presentation case :Yes

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