Château de Chambord 5 oz silver coin 2024

Château de Chambord 5 oz silver coin 2024

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Château de Chambord ultra high relief 5 oz proof silver coin cook Islands 2024.

2024 Château de Chambord ultra high relief 5 oz proof silver coin cook Islands. This exceptional 5 oz silver coin, crafted with great attention to detail using advanced smart-minting technology to achieve an extra high relief, honors the enduring tradition of the Château de Chambord. The impressive outline of the "Château de Chambord" embellishes the scenery of the Loire Valley in France, exuding a sense of splendid seclusion. The castle has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981 because to its exceptional architectural design. It is highly regarded by history enthusiasts and is a favored tourist spot. Constructed in 1519 under the supervision of architect Domenico da Cortona, it has evolved over time into a lavish representation of the grandeur of the French Renaissance. The «Château de Chambord» possesses a profound historical background, commencing with the Italian-influenced aspiration of King Francis I, enduring the tumultuous era of the French Revolution, and culminating in its present-day cultural and touristic prominence. With a restricted production of only 500 units, this coin becomes a highly sought-after object among collectors, providing aficionados with the opportunity to possess a fragment of French history and architectural grandeur. The meticulous craftsmanship achieved through the utilization of the ultra high relief technique enhances the aesthetic appeal and magnificence of the château, rendering it a remarkable inclusion in any numismatic collection. The Château de Chambord 5 oz proof silver coin, whether presented alone or as part of a themed set, encourages viewers to admire the historical importance and architectural excellence of this famous French monument. This is a superb addition to any collection. Your coin will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a display box.

Country: Cook Islands 2024
Face Value: 25 Dollars
Metal: 999 Silver
Weight : 5 Troy oz
Diameter: 65 mm
Quality: Ultra High Relief
Mintage : 500
COA: Yes
Box: Yes

Ultra high relief, proof finish, low mintage.

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