Chameleon 2 oz silver coin Niue 2023

Chameleon 2 oz silver coin Niue 2023

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Chameleon ultra high relief 2 oz black proof silver coin Niue 2023. DUE IN STOCK END OF JUNE.

The first piece in the "Representatives of the Species" series, the 2 ounce silver coin showing the chameleon is a work of extreme high relief. The design incorporates a chameleon, a lizard that has fascinated scientists and ecotourists for generations. It can disguise itself by changing its skin tone to avoid being eaten or to lure a mate of the opposite sex. This 2 oz silver chameleon coin is black proof finished, numbered, and struck in ultra high relief, evoking images from real life. The packaging for the coin is environmentally friendly; it's made entirely of cardboard, paper, wood, and linen, all of which are renewable resources. A limited run of 500 super high relief 2 oz silver coins featuring the chameleon will be released with a certificate of authenticity and environmentally friendly packaging.

Country: Niue 2023
Face Value: $ 5
Metal: Silver
Fineness : Ag.9999
Weight : 2 oz
Diameter : 50 mm
Quality: Black proof
Mintage: 500
COA: Yes
BOX: Yes

Ultra high relief, black proof, numbered on edge, low mintage 500 coins.

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