Charon 3 oz silver coin CI 2023

Charon 3 oz silver coin CI 2023

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2023 Ferryman of the Dead Charon ultra high relief 3 oz black proof silver coin Palau. Due in stock in October.

Charon, the Ferryman to the Dead, Three Ounce Silver Coin. The Greek underworld dweller Charon had the unenviable task of ferrying the recently deceased over the river Acheron. Charon's price, which could be an obolos or a Persian denace, was required to ensure that a suitable burial had taken place. Those who couldn't pay would spend the next century as ghosts roaming the banks of the Acheron. Charon's mission was related to both the Styx and the Acheron, but the latter was more important. Although the Styx was the most well-known river of the Greek underworld, its relationship with Hades' realm was an afterthought. The 3-ounce silver coin featuring Charon, the "Ferryman of the Dead," is exquisitely minted and features exquisite design. This numismatic masterpiece is finished in a sleek black proof that draws attention to the gloomy subject matter. The devilish composition of this stunning coin dictated a mintage of 666 pieces. This coin is packaged in a black windowed box and includes certificate of authenticity.

Country: Palau 2023
Metal: Silver .9999
Weight: 3 oz
Size: 50 mm
Quality: Black Proof
Mintage: 666
COA: Yes
Box: Yes

Ultra high relief, black proof, low mintage.

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