Cyber Queen Rebirth 3 oz silver coin CI 2023

Cyber Queen Rebirth 3 oz silver coin CI 2023

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Cyber Queen Rebirth 3 oz silver coin Cook Islands 2023.

2023 Cyber Queen Rebirth ultra high relief 3 oz black proof silver coin Cook Islands. Continuing with the «Cyber Queen» series, this is the second installment, The Cyber Queen Rebirth. Bringing a cyborg into this world, the rebirth of a human. Criminal companies, tainted governments, and ruthless AI battle it out in this dystopian universe. In order to submit to their mighty overlords, humans are coerced into having cybernetic implants implanted in various areas of their bodies. But people are starting to stand up. It appears that war is bound to break out... Not only is the narrative of the motif engaging, but the combination of finishes and coloring is also really well done. Strung from 9999 pure silver with a black proof finish, this 3 ounce Cyber Queen Rebirth super high relief coin is a true work of art. Cyber Queen Rebirth 3 ounce silver coins have a global mintage of only 999 pieces. Presented in attractive packaging, every coin will include a certificate of authenticity.

Country: Cook Islands 2024
Metal: Silver .999
Weight: 3 oz
Size: 50 mm
Quality: Black Proof/Neon Colored
Mintage: 999
COA: Yes
Box: Yes

Black proof, Ultra high relief, neon colored, low mintage.

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