Fighting Fish 1 oz silver coin Cook Islands 2021

Fighting Fish 1 oz silver coin Cook Islands 2021

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Electric Nature Fighting Fish 1 oz silver coin Cook Islands 2021. ETA end of November 2021.

The Fighting Fish is well-known for its vibrant coloration and elaborate fin displays. Fun fact: Fighting fish have been observed to recognize they’re human companions. They will follow your finger around the aquarium and can even be taught tricks! What distinguishes this piece as eclectic? On the one hand, we've divided it into two halves, each with a mirrored proof finish on one side and a silk black finish on the other, creating a stunning contrast. The fighting fish is set on top of this contrast in ultra-high relief and colorized with an incredibly high level of sophistication that perfectly matches the different backgrounds thanks to the enhanced smart-minting® technology.

Country: Cook Islands

Year: 2021

Face value: $ 5

Metal: Silver .999

Weight: 1 oz

Size: 38.61 mm

Quality: Proof

Mintage: 1500

Coa: Yes

Box: Yes

Mintage is limited to 1500 coins worldwide. Comes with COA and themed box.

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