Gods Baldur 2 oz silver bar 2024

Gods Baldur 2 oz silver bar 2024

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Gods Baldur 2 oz silver cast bar antiqued 2024.

2024 Gods Baldur 2 oz silver cast bar antiqued. While the Germanic gods may not have the same level of fame as the immortal figures of Greek mythology, their stories are equally thrilling and brimming with valuable teachings that can be appreciated by everybody. Baldur, the cherished offspring of Odin and Frigg, epitomizes the essence of purity and beauty within the realm. Baldur was deceived by his half-brother Loki's deceitful actions during a feast, where the Norse gods entertained themselves by throwing lethal things at Baldur, who was invulnerable to harm. Loki, envious of Baldur's esteemed position among the other deities, deceived the sightless deity Höd into firing an arrow crafted from mistletoe, the sole substance capable of inflicting harm upon Baldur. The deities organized an extravagant burial for their deceased comrade, employing his vessel as a funeral pyre. Upon the transportation of Baldur's lifeless body onto the ship, his spouse, Nanna, succumbed to immense sorrow and perished instantly, subsequently being laid on the funeral pyre alongside her husband. Odin placed his golden ring, known as "Draupnir," on Baldur's corpse. This ring would bring Baldur back to life during the final days of Ragnarök and elevate him to the highest position among the gods. There are only 999 of these Germania items, each with its own unique number. The Mint Two-Ounce Silver Gods Baldur Cast Bars were minted for global distribution. Each bar is packaged in a sophisticated black paperboard box adorned with a sleeve and includes a certificate of authenticity. The inaugural release in this series appears to be poised for immense popularity among collectors, particularly those fortunate enough to acquire one before the limited production runs out. The initial two installments in the Germanic Goddesses series have already been completely sold out at the mint. Ensure that you are among the fortunate minority and promptly add this cast bar to your cart by clicking on it. Acquire yours promptly. Only 999 units available for global distribution.

Country: Germania 2024
Metal: Silver
Fineness : Ag.9999
Weight : 2 oz
Diameter : 40.3 x 25.07 x 7.5 mm
Quality: Antique
Mintage: 999
COA: Yes
Box: Yes

Cast bar, antique finish, low mintage, custom made packaging.

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