Gryphon 1 oz silver coin CI 2024

Gryphon 1 oz silver coin CI 2024

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Gryphon 1 oz ultra high relief silver coin antiqued Cook Islands 2024.

2024 Gryphon 1 oz ultra high relief silver coin antiqued Cook Islands. The fifth issue of the renowned "Numismatic Icons" series is adorned with the magnificent griffin. In Greek mythology, this captivating hybrid of a lion and an eagle is revered as the protector of precious treasures and the guardian of riches. To this day, the Griffin remains a beloved heraldic symbol, as it was one of the most venerated mythological beings of the middle ages. The ancient Thracian city of Abdera is the origin of these remarkable Griffin coins. The cicada, a prevalent supplementary motif on numerous ancient coins, is depicted alongside the griffin. The CI numerals adhere to the custom of ancient Greek coinage in order to denote the site of origin. The edition continues to include three exceptional specifications in silver and gold, as is customary. The coin is presented in a case and includes a certificate of authenticity. It is adorned with a stunning Relief and has an antique finish. A worldwide mintage of 999 pieces is available.

Country: Cook Islands
Year: 2024
Metal: .999 Silver
Denomination: $5
Grade: Antique
Diameter: 33 MM
Mintage: 999
COA: Yes
Box: Yes

Ultra High Relief, Antique finish, low mintage.

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