Hominidae Evolution of Life 1 oz silver coin 2021

Hominidae Evolution of Life 1 oz silver coin 2021

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Hominidae – Evolution of Life 1 oz silver antiqued rose gold plated coin 2021.

In this installment of the Evolution of Life series, we meet Paranthropus, one of our earliest ancestors. Hominidae, or Hominins, the family of ancient apes from which we evolved. One of our earliest ancestors to use tools and fire, Paranthropus went extinct around 600,000 years ago as other Hominin species gradually took over. This "Grandfather" of mankind is now immortalized on a stunningly detailed smart-minting® high relief coin. It is supplemented by an Oldowan stone, a prehistoric tool dating from the early stone age. This coin's gleaming rose-gold-plated bones on an antique finish rock background make it an ideal addition to your collection.

Country: Mongolia

Year: 2021

Face value: 500 Togrog

Metal: Silver .999

Weight: 1 oz

Size: 38.61 mm

Quality: Antique finish/ Rose Gold plated

Mintage: 999

COA: Yes

Box: Yes

Low mintage of 999 coins worldwide. Presented in custom made box.

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