Leda and Swan 2 oz silver coin Cameroon 2023

Leda and Swan 2 oz silver coin Cameroon 2023

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Leda and Swan ultra high relief 2 oz silver coin antiqued Cameroon 2023.

Swan and Leda Silver 2 ounce silver coin. Leda and the Swan is a tale of mortal and divine union. It proves that even the strong Zeus can't resist the allure of heavenly beauty, which has piqued readers' interest for generations. Details from the coin's high relief convey this allusion to marble statues in Leda's graceful stance. A moment of passion, with her curls cascading over her shoulders and the bird caressing her thighs, is frozen in silver. Infuse your appreciation for beauty with the help of numismatics by adding a coin featuring Leda and the Swan to your collection. There will never be more than 500 of these coins minted. A fine wood display case and a certificate of authenticity will accompany your coin upon delivery.

Ultra high relief, incredible design, antique finish, beautiful reverse design.

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