Majestic Eagle 10 oz high-relief silver round 2020

Majestic Eagle 10 oz high-relief silver round 2020

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10 oz round version of popular Majestic Eagle series.

This 10 oz Majestic Eagle round is hit by extreme high relief. The reverse of the Majestic Eagle features an eagle heel carrying a smaller "coin" eagle, surrounded by a geometrical backdrop. This hand carries both weight and purity. The obverse has two views of the face of the eagle: the low relief background is a clear look at the fiery glare of the bird, followed by a high-relief profile of the eagle. Free shipping on your order.

Tags: Majestic Eagle 1 oz silver coin

Year: 2020

Metal: Silver .999

Weight: 10 oz

Size: 80 mm

Quality: Fine

Mintage: 1000

in capsule

Majestic Eagle 10 oz round has high relief on both sides. Encapsulated.

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