Solveig Valkyries 1 oz silver round 2024

Solveig Valkyries 1 oz silver round 2024

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Solveig Valkyries 1 oz silver round Germania 2024.

Valkyries: Solveig 1 oz silver round Germania 2024. Solveig, the third coin in the Valkyries series from Germania Mint, is being introduced by Coins Boutique. Valkyries in 2024: Solveig denotes the Germanic deities, offspring of Odin, who, in accordance with Germanic mythology, provided assistance to the most courageous warriors who perished in combat. Solveig represents the emergence of summer, and with her comes a fresh start. Solveig, the Sun goddess, is depicted on the obverse alongside a resolute and brave bear. The Valkyrie, in her own right, possesses an axe and is attired in a leather skirt and straps that encircle her physique, accompanied by iron epaulettes and bracelets. She is embellished with the Rune of Sowilo, a representation of warmth and vitality, enabling her to experience a renewed state of magnificence. The reverse side of the design showcases a fusion of Germania Mint's distinctive double-headed eagle with the animal associated with the goddess, namely a bear. The shield incorporates Germanic runes, considering the year of issuance, the metal alloy, and the denomination. The coin, created by Mateusz Frįckowiak, will be released in a limited edition of 25,000 units. The inclusion of a Certificate of Authenticity will serve to verify the originality of the document.

Country: Germania 2024Suoerior
Face Value: 5 mark
Metal: Silver
Fineness : Ag.9999
Weight : 1 oz
Diameter : 38.61 mm
Quality: BU
Mintage: 25000
COA: Yes
in capsule

Superior quality, low mintage, certificate of authenticity

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