Special Forces 3 oz silver coin Cook Islands 2022

Special Forces 3 oz silver coin Cook Islands 2022

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Special Forces 3 oz ultra high black proof silver coin Cook Islands 2022. Due in stock April.

We honor those who serve in military special forces units on this incredible coin. These heroes are the best of the best, and they are routinely tasked with the most difficult and dangerous missions. Specialized uniforms and equipment are a telltale sign of a special forces soldier, and they can be seen in exceptional detail and ultra-high relief on this black proof finished coin! To contrast his helmet and mask, the soldier's protective goggles are expertly colored. It's a commanding appearance that draws the attention of enemy forces. The design's ultra-high relief extends all the way to the edges and contrasts with a honeycomb pattern and the Real Heroes logo. In micro minting, the traditional motto of the special forces "de oppresso liber" can be found just beside the rim. The obverse depicts special forces being dropped in at night with the primal understanding that "Only the brave are free."


Country: Cook Islands 2022
Metal: Silver .999
Weight: 3 oz
Size: 50 mm
Quality: Black proof
Mintage: 750
COA: Yes
Box: Yes

This magnificent 3 oz silver Black proof is limited to only 750 pieces, making them as unique and rare as heroes themselves!

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