Thalassophobia 2 oz silver coin Palau 2024

Thalassophobia 2 oz silver coin Palau 2024

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Thalassophobia 2 oz proof silver coin Palau 2024. Due in stock in May.

2024 Thalassophobia inverted high relief 2 oz proof silver coin Palau. The Thalassophobia exceptional 2 oz silver coin showcases a colossal shark emerging from the abyss of the sea, unbeknownst to the relaxed swimmer floating nearby. The picture appears deceptively lifelike due to a clever blend of inverted very high relief, color, and enamel. Legends about the ocean's enigmas have been created through stories of enormous monsters, deep chasms, and massive sea creatures. For certain individuals, this domain is not simply science fiction but rather an unsettling actuality. Thalassophobia, a profound fear of expansive bodies of water, destroys aspirations of living by the ocean, enjoyable beach outings, and pleasant voyages by boat. Reflect upon the captivating fascination of terrifying sea-themed movies - the renowned "Jaws" series, "Deep Blue Sea", and "Open Water", all exemplifying the sea's spine-chilling hold on our imagination. This unique 2 oz silver coin is made from 9999 pure silver and features an exceptional degree of detail and craftsmanship that enhances the feeling of atmospheric dread associated with Thalassophobia. The utilization of a proven quality and smart-minting approach, together with the integration of ultra high relief, enhances the design to an elevated level, resulting in a strikingly realistic depiction of the shark and swimmer scene. This technique effectively emphasizes the sense of horror connected with the immense expanse of the ocean. The obverse of the currency displays the name of the issuing country, Palau, along with its monetary value of 10 dollars. The production of the Thalassophobia 2 oz high relief silver coin is restricted to a total of 999 units globally. You will be provided with a coin accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, which will be enclosed in a black package designed in a window style presentation. This unique silver coin is an excellent addition to your collection.

Country: Palau 2024
Face value: $ 5
Metal: Silver .9999
Weight: 1 oz
Size: 38.61 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 999
COA: Yes
Box: Yes

Inverted ultra high relief, proof finish, low mintage.

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