Witchcraft Seeress Ritual 2 oz silver coin 2023

Witchcraft Seeress Ritual 2 oz silver coin 2023

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Witchcraft Seeress Ritual 2 oz ultra high relief silver coin antiqued 2023.

2023 Witchcraft Seeress Ritual 2 oz ultra high relief silver coin antiqued Germania. Seeress, a 2 oz. super high relief silver coin from the Witchcraft series in 2023. This anthology takes readers on a fantastical adventure into the realm of Germanic sorceress, a supernatural being with the power to see into the future, protect herself from evil spirits, and provide invaluable knowledge about plants. As she gets ready for her mysterious rites, the Seeress puts on her ceremonial regalia, her right hand tightly gripping her staff, a symbol of her supernatural power. Perched on a hill of stones before her sits the magical crystal that grants the Seeress her sacred mission. She is accompanied by Ratatosk, the legendary squirrel who has been given the sacred duty of communicating among the inhabitants of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. On the other side, you'll find a completely new design that still features the famous two-headed eagle logo of Germania Mint. Skulls and dragons, representing the underworld, serve as its focal point. Encircling these symbols are mysterious Germanic runes, which are thought to bring good fortune, blessings, and protecting forces. The unique form of this coin is quite important. An unprecedented and unique addition to the collection, the octagon-shaped coin is introduced for the first time by Germania Mint. This version of the coin features aventurine, which is associated with good fortune and wealth and contains unique medicinal and magical powers. A 999-piece limited edition of the Witchcraft Seeress 2 oz silver super high relief coin is scheduled for release. The accompanying Certificate of Authenticity confirms the authenticity of each coin.

Country: Germania 2023 Face Value: 10 marks Metal: Silver Fineness : Ag.9999 Weight : 2 oz Diameter : 55 mm Quality: Antiqued Mintage: 999 COA: Yes BOX: Yes

Ultra high relief, UV glowing, custom made packaging, low mintage

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