Hand of Hamsa 1 oz Proof Silver Coin Palau 2021

Hand of Hamsa 1 oz Proof Silver Coin Palau 2021

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Hand of Hamsa 1 oz Proof Silver Coin with vivid colors Palau 2021.

This stunning 1 oz silver proof coin captures the beauty of the Hamza Hand and the wonder of the ancient symbol and features vivid colors that are glossy in appearance. It gives a mystical look to the coin and makes it a real eye-catcher. The Hand of Hamsa dates back to the early days of Mesopotamia and has served as a symbol for generations to protect people from negative energy. It is considered a protective charm and a symbol of luck and strength to those who wear it. The Hamsa is deeply connected to the number 5 that symbolizes the balance between the material and the spiritual realms. It is a powerful number that represents protection, abundance, and strength.


Country: Palau

Year: 2021

Metal: .999 Silver

Denomination: $5

Grade: Proof


Diameter: 38.61 MM

Mintage: 2500

COA: Yes

Box: Yes

The mintage is set at only 2500 coins worldwide. The certificate of authenticity included in packaging.

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